Why Submit an Abstract?

The 7th MENA Stroke Congress aims to contribute in the improvement of Stroke treatment across the MENA Region. This congress will facilitate an avenue to help all researchers and other healthcare professionals who are doing active researches and studies reach our other healthcare experts for collaboration and receiving expert advices to improve their research in the field of stroke. The abstract submission in this congress will cover wide variety of themes in stroke treatment and management which is certainly contributory in developing and improving the current treatment available in the market that is being utilized by physicians, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals in terms of disease prevention, treatment approach, alleviation of post-disease effects, and rehabilitation to maintain the patients’ Activities of Daily Living.


We are calling all healthcare professionals, researchers, medical experts to share their ideas and latest researches through this congress and let us work hand in hand in improving the holistic approach in the stroke and other related diseases in the MENA Region!